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 How to becom a Moderator, Administrator, or an Editor.

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PostSubject: How to becom a Moderator, Administrator, or an Editor.   Wed Oct 26, 2011 2:16 pm

Conditions for becoming a Moderator:

1) Must be a member of the forum for at least 2 weeks.

2) Must apply to be a member to an Admin, and post one on forum.

Application requirements:

1) Must specify what you've done to improve or help this forum, in the past 2 weeks (may be longer depending on if you applied immediatly after reaching the required time).

2) Must say what you plan to do, or are in process of doing to impove to forum/website.
EX: Things like buying an actual domain, planning on editing the website/forum regurly ect.

3) One application must be sent to GoogleWizard, this application will then be voted upon by the current Administrators (and Moderators, if not enough Administrators are present or other circumstances apply where less than Admins are able to vote). A majority vote is required to become an admin.

4) Another application will be posted on the forum, where you will explain what you've done for the website/forum to the members of the current members of the forum. (This may be the same as you've already specified to THE Admin), the members will then also vote on whether or not they think you should rise to the rank of Moderator or not. (A majority vote is also required in this instance).

Administrator Application Process:

Same as Moderator EXCEPT:

The member must have been a Moderator for aproximately 6 weeks before applying.

Editor Application Process:

- An HCCDB Member may only become an editor by special request from one of the current editors or by decision of GoogleWizard. Alternatively a Member may ask GoogleWizard to become an Editor. This may ONLY be requested after the member has an Administrator for at least 12 weeks.
- The HCCDB Member MUST also specify how they plan to improve the website or forum to GoogleWizard. They may do this in their request.
- If they did not request to become an Editor, but rather were requested to become one by another Editor they they will then be required to send a message to GoogleWizard specifying what they will do to improve the website or forum.
- The member who is requesting to become an Editor or who has been nominated MUST do something to improve the webtie / forum and maintain this improvement (if maintaining such improvement is necessary). If they do not maintain or follow through with the improvement they specified they would perform to better the website / forum then they will be stripped of the rank of editor and become an Administrator once again.
- The previous rule may be broken if the newly appointed Editor, or the Administrator being evaluated in order to become an Editor, messages GoogleWizard or a current Editor telling why an improvement is not possible at that point or why (if they are unable to maintain their precious imporvement) they are unable to maintain it.
- These members ARE NOT required to post their application on the forum for current HCCDB members to read. This will better the chances of that members Editor Application being approved although current members under the status of Administrator will not be able to vote on this decision.
- The members applying in addition to messaging GoogleWizard or a current Editor must also post an Application for the current Administrators and Editors to view and vote on.


1) The Moderators/Administrators and current members have equal power in the decision to grant the applying member the status of Moderator / Admin. (Unless otherwise specified by GoogleWizard)

2) Members who have been nominated for Editor status or who have applied will follow all specification listed to become an Editor. Their application will voted upon by the current Administrator and Editors (a majority vote of approval is required for the notion to pass).

3) The Editors have finaly decision on whether or not to allow a current member to rise from a normal status to a Moderator, from a Moderator to an Administrator, or from an Administrator to an Editor.

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How to becom a Moderator, Administrator, or an Editor.
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